​I offer a variety of studio services, focusing on instrumental and vocal tracking, but also including editing, mixing, and mastering. My studio is small and designed mainly for jazz projects of a smaller scope, or singer-songwriters working with more limited budgets. I primarily work with live instrumentation. (I do not produce EDM or other sampled/synthesized musical media, but can provide excellent referrals for those kinds of services!) I have produced or engineered work for several artists including country artist Stephanie Quayle, soul-funk impresario Big Joe Hurt, jazz vocalist Dheepa Chari, emerging artists such as singer-songwriters Adam Joe Cole and Matt Westerman, and many others.

​My studio equipment is designed for "in the box" recordings, one room with full acoustic treatment for maximum room sound with minimal slap-back. A single computer is capable of running up to three work stations, including screens, monitors, headphones, and control devices. The room also features a gorgeous, 1925 Steinway baby grand piano, completely refurbished.

Click below to hear my latest featured track, and below that to listen to  more music I've produced, drummed on, or both! 






​Mics: Blue Woodpecker active ribbon, MXL V67G, various Audio-Technica mics, Shure Beta 52, Shure 57s, Shure 58s, and a few other goodies.

Interface/pre-amps: Steinberg MR816CSX and MR816X (Yamaha D-PRE mic preamps, 16 channels total).

Computer: rackmount ADK custom ASUS 64-bit, Hexcore @ 3.8 ghz, solid-state system drive.

DAW: Cubase 10.5 with a full array of various plug-ins.

Monitors: Pelonis Model 42, Blue Sky EXO-II 2.1​​

House Instruments: 1925 Steinway Baby Grand Piano (sounds amazing!). ​Drums include: Rocket Shells (carbon fiber) 6 piece kit including 10” side-snare, 14” snare ("Free-floating" with PEARL maple shell interchangeable), 12” tom, 14” floor, 16” floor, and 20” kick. Cymbals include 21” Istanbul Mel Lewis Ride, 20” Zildjian K Constantinople Medium Low Ride, 20” Zildjian Dark Custom Ride, Zildjian 1970 20” Avedis Ride, Zildjian 18” Custom Session Crash, Zildjian 15” Dark Crash, Zildjian 10” Hybrid Splash, Zildjian 14” Avedis QuickBeat Hats, Zildian 14” Dark Custom Hats, and Istanbul Mehmet 14” Hats.  Other percussion includes Tabla, Doumbek, Duff, Djembe, and other various noisemakers.


Phone:     +1.310.428.8604

E-mail: plattalex@gmail.com

Alex Platt

Drummer, Educator, Producer