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This is where I will be reguarly posting videos, music links, and my blog about life in the music and music eduation world! Enjoy!

BLOG ENTRY 10/14/2016


I've been thinking for a while about starting a "blog" about my experiences with being a professional musician, music instructor, and producer. So, this is my first entry! 

Today I spoke with a young man who had just moved to Los Angeles and was looking for a gig teaching private lessons. Unlike some who might have blown him off, I decided that paying it forward was the right thing to do, and spent the next 30 minutes on the phone with him offering advice.

It's not easy to be even modestly successful in this town. I have managed to build a business, but I've fought tooth and nail for every gig, recording client, and student. One of the things I've realized in the process is that we are all a part of the same ecosystem, and it behooves us all to pay it forward as much as we can. Selfish players get left out of the mix ... and this principle works in the business ecology as well. There's plenty of work out there (though maybe not enough for all of us), but the more we all support each other in our endeavors, the better a chance we all have of finding a working situation that fits. I would just as soon refer nine clients to other professionals and take the one client who is a perfect fit. Those are the relationships that last the longest. I've had clients coming back to me regularly for years based on that criterion alone. 

More to come! And please come back to this page and check for updated music, videos, and posts! I have some cool lesson videos in the works, and they will be posted soon!

Alex Platt

Drummer, Educator, Producer