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With 20+ years of teaching experience, and a music degree from California Institute of the Arts, I can help you meet your goals as a student!

Welcome to my new site! Here you will able to hear and view my latest projects, check out drumming tips for students and professionals alike, get an overview of the various services I offer, and generally see what I’ve been up to lately in the wonderful world of music. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Click here to listen to the music I've drummed on, produced, or both! Performance videos can also be seen here. 


I offer basic production services for smaller projects. My studio is fully equipped to help you with your album, EP, or demo. For lack of a good pic, here's a bear playing air guitar. Right outside my studio. Yes.

Alex Platt

Drummer, Educator, Producer


I offer drum tracks for all kinds of projects, and am available for performances and tours as well!

Here's a fun one! My brother taking an EPIC solo on his song, "Chocolate Typewriter", featuring myself, Emma Dayhuff on bass, Sam White on sax, and the prodigious Luca Rodoni on trumpet (he was 17!!).